Founded in 1995. Nedvision Publishing is a publishing house of:

  • unique books on history, especially World War II and;
  • education, especially practice guides for certification and marketing.

Currently we are working on publications in Dutch, English and German. The distribution area is in addition to the Netherlands and Belgium, also Germany, USA and the British Commonwealth.


Nedvision Publishing wants to provide people with new and in-depth insights through books and other publications.

Are you an author or are you planning to write a book?

Have you written a (car) biography, a historical research or a management book?
Then you can publish your book via Nedvision Publishing and make it available automatically to all bookstores in the Netherlands and Flanders.

Why Nedvision Publishing?

Find all work for publishing and promoting  in-house  place.

The complete process to make your book a success is supervised by Nedvision Publishing. As an author, you will be completely unconcerned.

The Benefits

Years of experience and a personal approach

The team at Nedvision Publishing has more than 50 years of professional experience in providing customised solutions for issues related to graphic design, automation, websites, research and business processes.

The people behind Nedvision Publishing

Peter Krans
  • SEO consultant/ account manager
    • Areas of interest: marketing, economy and history
    • Focuses on: search engine optimisation and strategy.
    • Specialization of World War II: liberation of Western Europe and secret missions.

    Training courses:
    MSCBA Entrepreneurship Erasmus University
    SEO Stanford University Continuing Studies
    Google Workshop Online Marketing Certificate.
    Works with the languages: Dutch, English and German
    Work Nedvision: editing, translation and campaign management.

Dick van der Zee

Dick van der Zee
Graphic centipede

  • Areas of interest: marketing, languages and history
  • Focuses on: technical DTP and graphic design.
  • Specialization World War II: personal histories.
  • Training courses:
    Nimeto Utrecht
    Graphic Lyceum Rotterdam.
    Works with the languages: Dutch, English, German, Ancient Greek and Hebrew.
    Work Nedvision: editing, technical DTP and graphic design.